3 Pastoral Songs
for 2-voice treble choir (2006)
by Ron Hannah


   1.   A Mountain Song - Shih Wu
   2.   Fog - Carl Sandburg
   3.   Pretty Halcyon Days - Ogden Nash

Duration: about 6 minutes

    This little set was written for a children's choir directed by Patricia Clattenburg, a Canadian organist, choir director and educator. She commented that the poetry is more esoteric than what she usually had the children sing, but certainly not too difficult. Thus, it is also perfectly suitable for an adult choir!

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    That poetry consists of a charming portrait of a Buddhist monk who lives alone and simply in the woods, written by one Shih-Wu (1272-1352) ("I light a few leaves in my stove to heat tea / To patch my robe I cut off a cloud..."); Carl Sandburg's by-now clichéd "Fog" ("The fog comes on little cat feet..."), whose imagery still intrigues; and a tongue-in-cheek picture of a lazy day by the sea, by Ogden Nash ("How pleasant to look at the ocean / Democratic and damp, indiscriminate; it fills me with noble emotion / to think I am able to swim in it.")

     The opening pages of each song may be obtained by clicking on the "Go" button at left (actually, ALL of #2 is there - a special gift!) To get the full score, please send me an email (below), and should you decide to perform it I ask please, please, let me know the details so that I can keep my Performances page up-to-date!