Three Songs
for Medium Voice and Alto Recorder (or Alto Flute) (2013/14)
by Ron Hannah


1. Maya Angelou
A Conceit
2. Canadian traditional Huron Carol
3. Jane Austen Lines Sent to an Uncivil Dressmaker

Duration: about 7 minutes

     Here are some simple and expressive songs reflecting my love for the mellow sound of the alto recorder and alto flute. They both blend so very nicely with the voice! In my world-wandering days, I always carried an alto and a tenor recorder with me, improvising on a beach in Vietnam, or in a temple space somewhere.

They are written in an unencumbered style, easily negotiable by good amateur musicians (I am no virtuoso myself!) As an interesting sideline, the first, "A Conceit" was performed by myself and my bride,
Andrea Mellis at our wedding in 2013. Following that, it seemed only natural to add a couple more songs and make it a set... maybe one day there will be some more.

I have placed the first page of each of the songs (untransposed) in a file for download, above (a bit of a bonus, since the first song is only one page long!). The full score (in versions transposed into F and G for the alto recorder and alto flute) may be obtained by sending me an email, below, or by contacting the Canadian Music Centre. And please, PLEASE, send me notification of any performances so I can keep my Performances Page up-to-date!