5-Part Re-Invention
for Recorder Quartet and Harpsichord (2015)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 3 minutes

     I sometimes enter composition contests or respond to Calls for Scores such as one finds on The Composer's Site. Mostly I am passed over since these things typically receive many submissions, but this time it worked! Colchester New Music, in England, put out a call on behalf of Dulcis Venti, a group of old music specialists. These are not your dusty academics however, and for them I wrote, and they accepted, this modern piece full of humour, tricky rhythms, spiky harmonies, and a loving quote from a Bach two-part invention - hence my title. But I wasn't finished, and I also composed yet another arrangement of The Lonely Princess for them. Andrea and I made the trip and were present at the performances in June (2016). We were most warmly welcomed by the group, and thrilled at this double première.

     True to their promise, Colchester New music has placed the entire concert on their website. Click on this link and you will also be able to hear several works by Stephen Watkins, who plays the soprano recorder in the group and who was my contact. He has given me many helpful hints about writing for recorders and harpsichord.

     The printed music, score and parts, are available by sending me an email (see below), and all will soon be in the library of the Canadian Music Centre as well.