Vocal and Choral works
on the poetry of Amy Lowell (1874 - 1925)
by Ron Hannah

     I have a collection of vocal/choral works which I call Songs of Myself. In its preamble I state, "every so often a poem appears that simply must be set to music..." One such poem is by
Amy Lowell. It is called A Decade and it became one of many settings of her poetry that I composed in later years. I have set and re-set it many times. It got to the point that when it came to creating a new web page upon completion of yet another song, I had to create so many cross-referencing links that I decided to create a single page devoted only to settings of her poetry, and here it is. Now I only have to link to one file instead of many.

     You may learn about them all, view sample scores, and listen to several of them at each of the links below.

  • Poem: The Dinner-Party, Song Cycle for soprano or tenor, clarinet and piano (1973, rev. 2009)

  • Poem: A Decade - Songs of Myself #2, for medium voice, harp, viola and synthesizer or other keyboard instrument (1979)
          - in 1989 this music was re-cast to the words of the Lord's Prayer, for use in A Sea Liturgy,
         - later that same year, versions of the Lord's Prayer for SATB with organ, and SATB with organ and piano appeared.
         - and in 2014, I set the original song for mezzo-soprano (or tenor), harp, flute, and viola (Three Inevitable Songs #2).

  • Poem: The Painter on Silk
    Roses and Silk for SSAA and small orchestra (strings, flute, horn and bass clarinet (or bassoon)) (2011)
    And Music Dawned Above Despair: 4 Views of War (#3) for Baritone and Piano (2017)

  • Poem: Madonna of the Evening Flowers, for SATB and small orchestra (single woodwinds, horn and strings) (2011)

  • Poem: A Winter Ride, for SATB and piano (2020)

  • Poems: Faint and Fragile Petals (after "24 Hokku On a Modern Theme"), for Medium Voice, Oboe, English Horn, and Bassoon (or optional Bass Clarinet) (2023).

    All of the songs are in my freely tonal, somewhat dissonant style, and require strong performers both in their techniques and in their hearts. To obtain parts, please visit the Canadian Music Centre, or email me (below).