Vocal works with piano
Suitable for Auditions and Competitions
by Ron Hannah

     I am told by a reputable source (my wife, who has been a professional
opera singer/director for many years) that singers are constantly looking for contemporary works to perform at auditions and on competitions. Fortunately, I am a composer who has written a number of vocal pieces, song cycles and theatre works, from which may be extracted portions for just that purpose.

     I hope to establish a symbiotic relationship with singers: they may choose a song or aria from my catalogue, and I get my name in front of conductors and competition panels. This could work!

     I have extracted a number of arias from my theatre pieces (in piano reduced form) for free download, your to use with my best wishes. I do hope that if you use any of them that you will inform me, however. I would like to keep track of my growing fame :-) Click on the titles to obtain the scores, and on the italicized links to learn more about each larger work - it's always a good idea to know the story behind what you are singing! Those links very often have sound files attached as well, so you can hear at least a midi version of the music, often a real performance, and in one case, a video (and if there is no sound file, send me an email - I can probably send you one).

     I am also listing my song cycles that have only piano accompaniment. For these scores please contact me directly, or visit the Canadian Music Centre.

     And do visit my complete list of works to find much more that might be suitable for recital purposes - such a song cycles and larger chamber works with voice. All my works are in my freely tonal, somewhat dissonant but approachable style, and require strong performers both in their techniques and in their hearts. Sing them well, and you'll impress any jury!

For Soprano: ARIAS & SONGS - complete For mezzo Soprano: SONG CYCLES - by request
For Alto: ARIAS & SONGS - complete For Alto: SONG CYCLES - by request
For Tenor: ARIAS & SONGS - complete For Tenor: SONG CYCLES - by request
For Baritone/Bass: ARIAS & SONGS - complete For Baritone/Bass SONG CYCLES - by request