Dances for Camille
Suite for Two Pianos (2013)
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 14 minutes

     Here are five bright and brilliant dances for two pianos, dedicated to my daughter, Camille. They are showpieces, just as she is a showy dancer. They range in mood from happy to despairing, from sensual to academic (there's a full-blown, and very danceable, fugue in the last movement), and they display my love of rich textures and odd rhythmic patterns as well as my command of, and at times disregard for, traditional harmonies and structures. The suite makes use of a few themes from earlier works too, which I have developed and hopefully improved upon. The Habanera melody, for example, comes from my children's ballet, Aladdin from 1979, and the Waltz movement is the Blue Fairy's theme from the even earlier

Pinocchio. I have found over the years that when I return to my older scores, even student scores, I sometimes find real treasures there. It is most gratifying to think that I might have started out with some genuine ability.

     You may download the opening 2 pages of each movement by clicking in the black box. The full work was premièred by the duo Theiner & Breitner, in Vienna, but that performance was not recorded. A second, brilliant, performance by Ronald Sedlaczek and Sandra Schennach in December of 2015, took place at my 70th birthday concert. You may watch it by clicking here:

A Primo and Secondo version of the score for performance purposes is available on request (see "Inquiries" below), or through the Canadian Music Centre. But you have to promise me that you'll let me know the details of any performances so that I can keep this website up-to-date. Sadly, few ever do...

     Both my daughters have danced professionally, though where they get that ability I do not know since I am quite uncomfortable on a dance floor, but of course mine are not their only genes. When the eldest was born I sat down and composed a piano piece, Suite for Elan, for her. But as most parents find out, the excitement wears off by the time any more babies arrive, and I did not do the same for Camille. Her baby book was not maintained either, to my chagrin (apologies, my dear!) She noticed all this when she got older, of course, and I have always felt slightly guilty. I did try to assuage that guilt by writing a piece for her high-school band, and she even played the trumpet solo I wrote for her, but it wasn't quite the same. So, note to Camille, HERE IT IS, a piece for two pianos, not just one, and just in time for your birthday too (if a few decades late!)