Holland Point Music
for Soprano Saxophone and Marimba (2002)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 4 minutes

     This is a light-hearted piece written for some friends who played sax and marimba and who were up to a challenge. They lived in Victoria, Canada, in a lovely part of the city near the ocean, called

Holland Point, hence the name of the work. A portion of it was written on the beach there. Sadly, I have lost contact with them and it was finally
premiered by others.

     It is quick and bouncy, full of rhythmic quirks, and not lacking in drama. A good challenge for good players, and you can hear it by means of the control strip at the bottom of this page. The performers are William Street, saxophone and Trevor Brandenburg, marimba, from their fine album, "West Winds: Western Canadian Music for Saxophone".

    You can download the first 3 pages of the score by clicking in the box above, and I will gladly send you the full score and sax part if you send me an email (below). But you must promise to tell me the particulars of any performances so that I can keep this website up-to-date. Ok?

Hear "Holland Point Music"