Introduction and Dance of Qualified Joy
for Harp, Flute and Viola (2012)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 9.5 minutes

     This is a work that flowed out at a happy time of my life, having re-established contact with an old and admired friend (well, a little more than that: Andrea Mellis and I were married in 2013) and from her learned about a harp/flute/viola trio who live and work in Vienna. It is a lovely combination of instruments and I was immediately inspired by its possibilities.


     It is in my style of dissonant tonality, very accessible, but it seems it may be of an overall slightly too serious nature, for my "Dance of Joy" came out more spiky and sharp-edged than I had intended. Still, it has a quality of underlying joy about it, as does all music - and the Introduction is gorgeous if I may say so! I am plainly indebted to Debussy, as you will hear.... and besides, can any joy in this world of ours claim to be truly unqualified? There is someone who, I suspect, shares my feelings on the subject of joy, and she is Claire Venne, an artist in Montreal, who has used a portion of the Dance for one of her videos featuring her striking artworks. The video is entitled "Dance" and may be viewed on Vimeo by clicking here.
Dance of Qualified Joy

     You may download a sample score by clicking on the button, above, or by visiting the Canadian Music Centre website, and now at last there is an mp3 of the première performance, done by that very trio at the prestigious Alte Schmiede hall in Vienna. You may hear that performance by clicking the buttons above, and they performed it again at my 70th birthday concert. If you decide you would like to do it, please send me an email (below) and I will forward the players' parts. My only requirement for use of this music is that you inform me of any performances so that I can keep this website up-to-date (never mind that hardly anyone does :)