Nunc Dimittis
for SATB a cappella (2014)
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 2 minutes

     This is a setting of the Biblical text (in English, from the Book of Common Prayer), suitable for

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performance during a church service. I wrote it for submission to the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music. They suggested that composers may also submit organ works, which I did, and that submission was accepted, while the choral piece was not. C'est la vie.

     The rules required that the piece be simple enough that a chorus can perform it after a single rehearsal, so I wrote a piece using modern-sounding chords, while trying to keep the voice leading as clear and simple as possible. A good choir ought to be able to do this.

     If you are a church musician, please feel free to download this short score and perform it, with the sole requirement that you inform me so that I can keep this website up-to-date. And also, if you are a church musician, you may be interested to know that my bass line is based loosely on the soprano part from the Nunc Dimittis of Orlando Gibbons - a suggestion of a cantus firmus. Have fun!