For SATB a cappella (1989)
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 4 minutes    

    This work was commissioned by the Alberta Choral Federation in 1989 for performance by its Honour Choir, made up of high school and university students from across the Province of Alberta. It has

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since been taken up by other choirs and
performed several times.

    It requires confident singers to bring off its dramatic effects. It is tonal with mild dissonances, and contains a very effective bell-like section, with each voice intoning a syllable of the word "Alleluia". There is also a short divisi section, in which a solo soprano sings the main theme against a chant-like background. You can hear a performance by clicking in the audio strip below. To view the opening 4 pages of the score click the "Go" button. For the full score, please visit the Canadian Music Centre or send me an email (below). I request only that if your group performs this piece, that you send me details so that I can keep this website up-to-date.

Listen to "Alleluia":