For Piano solo (1994-2001)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: 7 minutes

    I worked sporadically on this rich piano work for several years, and can finally say it's done! I kept returning to it, playing through it and being impressed with how good

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I felt it to be. So why did it take so long? I have no idea, except that when something feels this good, I know I have the job of maintaining that quality - and that is scary.

    It is in a modified 12-tone style, with the rows allowing me to have Romantic sounding chords and progressions à la Chopin. In fact Chopin's G Minor Ballade, which I have played always with great gusto and pleasure (if not always with great accuracy), is its inspiration (and I even quote a snippet from it at bar 97).

    Click here for a list of known performances, and on the "Go" button to download the opening pages. It has been performed many times and recorded by Sylvia Shadick-Taylor, a pianist whom I have always admired and to whom I owe a large debt of gratitude. One of her performances is embedded into this page and the control strip is below.

     I used to give the score away on this page, with the stipulation that interested parties inform me of any performances so that I can keep my website up-to-date. As of this writing (April 2017) it had been listened to 355 times and downloaded 82 times, and not one person has said a word about performances (there must have been at least one, surely?) So now, if you would like the score, please send me an email (below) or visit the Canadian Music Centre.