Chorale Prelude on 'O Sacred Head Now Wounded'
For Organ solo (1987)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 4 minutes

    Here is an unabashed and loving ripoff of JSB, for organ. The pedals play O Sacred Head Now Wounded, while the manuals do an affectionate, and, I hope, not too literal homage to Jesu Joy of Man's


Hear computer-generated version:

, in two voices so not too difficult! It was written for the 50th wedding anniversary of Russell and Joy Travers, my in-laws at the time, and a recorded synthesizer version was played at a family gathering in honor of that occasion in 1987. It was not very effective, and I have placed a somewhat better Logic Pro realization here. This piece has since found favor among a few
organists as a prelude and/or postlude, which is just where it belongs.

It is published by Conners Publications, so I am offering here only the first two pages of score. For the rest, send me an email (with information about any upcoming performances so I can keep this website up-to-date), or visit the publisher's website.