Chorale Prelude on 'O Sacred Head Now Wounded'
For Organ solo (1987)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 4 minutes

    Here is an unabashed and loving ripoff of JSB, for organ. The pedals play O Sacred Head Now Wounded, while the manuals do an affectionate, and, I hope, not too literal homage to Jesu Joy of Man's


, in two voices so not too difficult! It was written for the 50th wedding anniversary of Russell and Joy Travers, my in-laws at the time, and a recorded synthesizer version was played at a family gathering in honor of that occasion in 1987. It was not very effective, and I have placed a somewhat better Logic Pro realization here. This piece has since found favor among a few
organists as a prelude and/or postlude, which is just where it belongs.

     It was once my policy to give away such scores as this, with the request that anyone downloading and playing the piece please inform me so that I can keep my Performances page up-to-date. Sadly, no one ever has done so, even though I know it has been downloaded a number of times. Thus, I am offering here only the first two pages. For the rest, send me an email (with information about any upcoming performances: player, location, date), or visit the Canadian Music Centre.