Recent & Upcoming Events and Performances
of music by Ronald Hannah




Following a most successful première in the village of Baumgarten, Burgenland, Austria,
a community that truly supports the arts and loved the production,
it is to be repeated at:
Meidlinger Festival of Church Music 2022
Maria-Lourdes Church
Tivoligasse 20, 1120 Vienna
21 November 2022 at 19:30
Megtestesülés Plébánia Church
Debrecen, Hungary
29 April, 2023 (TBA)

A most interesting project! I have arranged the solos and choruses of "Ludus Danielis" (Daniel in the Lions' Den), a 13th century liturgical drama, for ancient instruments.
Andrea Mellis is the director, and she has had me write for gamba, shawms, sackbut, celtic and gothic harps, chalumeau, various bone flutes, jaw harp, even a tromba marina (ever heard of that?) As well, she gave me permission to be creative in my harmonies as long as the suggestion of the older music remains. And it worked! I must say, I have renewed respect for medieval melodies now. They are vibrant, often very catchy, match their characters well, and often feature charming rhythmic quirks.

  • "Ruri, Ruri", my setting of an Armenian lullaby for SATB choir is to be performed by the Vokalensemble Hilpoltstein, at St. Egidien church in Nuremberg, Germany (October 22, 2022), and at the Katholische Stadtpfarrkirche (Catholic Church) in nearby Holpoltstein the next evening. This will be part of their program entitled Ubi Caritas et Amor. Many thanks to Wayne Lempke, the conductor, who has been a gracious supporter of my music!
  • "Devil's Dance", my novelty/encore piece for violin and piano, is going to be performed by Mikolaj Warszynski and Joanna Ciapka-Sangster on November 13, 2022 at Knoppers Hall, King's University, Edmonton, Canada. Visit the link above for an interesting story about its origin and various recordings.

  • LUDUS DANIELIS (see above) - Première performance September 23, 2002, Baumgarten, Burgenland, Austria.
  • My new CD of Chamber Music is receiving airplay and reviews in Europe and North America. It may be streamed and downloaded on Naxos (via the Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service), Spotify, Youtube, and many others I have never heard of! Here is the Youtube link. Enjoy!
  • My song cycle, "And Music Dawned Above Despair", following several postponements due to Covid, was finally performed by Nathon Irving, baritone, at their graduating (Master's degree) recital on May 8, 2022, at the Roy Barnett Recital Hall, Univerity of British Columbia, Canada. It was livestreamed too!
  • Various pieces of mine accompanied a unique dance experience in Saskatoon, Saskatchwan, Canada from October 1 to 3, 2021. The Free Flow Dance Theatre Company's outdoor event had participants follow The Explorer as he tries to capture a photograph of the elusive and mysterious "Kiwanis Cryptid", encountering a number of interesting dance elements along the way. Learn more about this innovative dance company here.
  • "Domestic Dialogues" for piano 4-hands was performed by Ron Hannah and Andrea Mellis, at the home of Bevery and Klaus Blaschke in Vienna on July 16, 2021, and again on July 25 at the home of Heike & Tim de Young, in Blumenried, Allgäu, Germany.
    The set had earlier (January 28, 2020) been premièred at the studio of Christine Reiter, Vienna.