Concert Piece
For Flute and Piano (1975)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: 3.5 minutes


ON almost all of the many pages at this site I ask
to be informed of performances:
date, location, performers.
I know this little piece is becoming known and popular.
A tracker on the site tells me that it has been
heard hundreds of times, though not by whom.
Surely someone has bought and played it?
no one has ever so informed me.
Maybe I'm famous in Albania - I'd like to know.
No one has said a word.
Please, please, if you obtain a copy from the
Canadian Music Centre and decide to play it,
take a moment to send me an email!

    This piece, a kind of homage to Bartok, works very well considering that it was rather casually written, and originally for piccolo. It begins with a slow, chordal/modal introduction in the piano beneath a languid melody

in the flute. Abruptly a quick and sparkling 7/8 passage interrupts the flow, flourishes for a moment, and spends itself. This pattern then repeats, though not literally, and finally the quiet section concludes. It was premiered by Jonathan Bayley on a concert given by the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society (now called New Music Edmonton) in 1986, and has been
performed several times since. (See the box at right, and help make the list of known performances even longer!)

     You may hear it being performed with great panache by Shelley Younge, flute and Sylvia Shadick-Tayor, piano, at the sound control below, and yes, that's me on the street in Budapest - on Bela Bartok street, in fact (look closely at the very faint street name)! Better yet, you could seek out the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society CD entitled soundland alberta: le pays sonore, which contains other worthy works by Canadian composers as well. Concert Piece has more recently (2015) been performed in Vienna by Bernard Blary and Christopher Devine. Still more recently (2018) it appears on a beautiful video called "Un Voyage" made by Claire Venne, a Montreal artist who puts together collages of her artworks with music. She has used several of my pieces and I love her creations!

     This work is available for purchase or rental from the Canadian Music Centre, or by sending me an email (below). As a teaser, I have made the first two pages of the score available in the box above.

Hear Concert Piece (click on the orange arrow):