Devil's Dance
for Violin and Piano (1972)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 3 minutes

    "Sonatina for Violin and Piano" is a very early student work, undistinguished but for one thing: the last movement, a quick dance in 11/8 time which poured forth one day in a blinding fury.
If people had actually complied with my endless requests
to be informed of performances of this piece.
It's probably the most popular thing
I have ever written. A tracker on the site
tells me that it has been downloaded and heard
hundreds of times, though not by whom,
no one has ever informed me about dates, locations
or performers. Maybe I'm famous in Albania - I'd like to know -
but no one has said a word.
Thus I sadly restrict viewers to the first 3 pages only.
and a link to a streaming site.
I hate to do this, but if you want the rest, you must visit the
Canadian Music Centre
or send me an email
- and promise to inform me of performances!
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 Featured on my 1st exclusive CD: 

  Chamber Music /
Musique de Chambre /
Label: PGMaudio 2102-2

Originally featured on
"Devil's Dance"
 Joanna Ciapka Sangster, violin 
Mikolaj Warszynski, piano

Label: Clef Records 09088-2

Some favourable reviews:

     My hand shook as I sat in the University library and wrote as fast as I could, fearing horribly that the connection would be broken and I would be left to struggle as usual with my self-doubt. But it remained steady and two hours later I held a perfect jewel in my hands. Is this how Mozart wrote? Knowing that not one note would ever have to be altered? God, I wish that inspiration would come again (it did, actually, just once: see my
Rag-sextet for another amusing anecdote), and I am now pleased to say that it appears on my own dedicated CD (with the permission of the performers, who had also released it on an earlier album).

     You may stream this piece, and the entire CD on YouTube and Spotify, and purchase it digitally at Naxos (via the Canadian Music Centre Distribution Service), Amazon, and many other sites that I haven't heard of!

    I would never let the entire sonatina be performed publicly, so don't ask (I don't think I even have it any more), but that magical movement has survived. Click here to see a list of known performances. It also exists as the 3rd movement of my Piano Trio #1. Adventurous violinists will enjoy this piece, I think. It would make a good encore number.

     The first three pages of the score may be viewed and heard by clicking on the "Go" button, and if you wish to have the rest, and the Violin part, please send me an email, below, or visit the Canadian Music Centre.