Three Electronic Dances
For Tape (1984(?))
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 14 minutes

     Have you ever been so moved by a performance that you just had to respond somehow? Maria Formolo is a dancer whose work I had the pleasure of seeing several times. Once she appeared as a great shaggy bird, reminiscent of a west-coast totem, and through the slightest quiver of a finger (let alone the movement of the whole body) conveyed beautifully the timorousness and grandeur of that creature. This was at a festival of which I was an organizer, sponsored by the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society.

    With very simple equipment, a DX7 synthesizer coupled to multiple tape recorders (I didn't have a multi-track machine then), I put together these expressive dances. They range from dramatic and haunting (1st movement), to a quiet motif in two voices that go in and out of phase with one another (2nd movement), to an impossibly frenetic and explosive finale.

     I sent them to her, but never received a reply, possibly because the festival had gotten into trouble and I don't believe she was ever paid, to my great embarrassment. But art transcends money, doesn't it? Maria, if you read this, my apologies.

     If you are a modern dancer interested in performing this work, please click below to hear the movements, and do send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!