Hermione: A Portrait
for SSA, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet (1978)
by Ron Hannah

Words: Shakespeare (The Winter's Tale)
Duration: about 7 minutes

    A performance of The Winter's Tale in Oxford during the fall of 1978 resulted in my falling in love with the dignified and longsuffering Queen, Hermione, and not with her sexy young

daughter (I realized that day that I was aging). I took four of her most memorable speeches and set them for womens' voices and 2 clarinets, being a clarinettist myself.

    The set was performed, and rather poorly recorded (I have not turned it into an mp3 file) in November 1979 by the Contempra Ensemble in Calgary, directed by Roberta Stephen, but its free-ranging tonality and occasional dissonance were a little beyond them. The reviewer in the Calgary Herald, David Zack, was kind however: "...the way Hannah blended the voices of eight women to present the uphill struggle of one was certainly fascinating to hear and watch."

If you wish to view the score please click the button above or send me an email if you would like the clarinet parts (below). And please, if you perform this work, send me an email with the particulars so I can keep this website up-to-date.