For French Horn and Piano (1976)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 15 minutes

    This is an very taxing piece for the french horn. No wonder, since it was written for one of the finest horn players I know: David Hoyt, principal horn and assistant conductor with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

    When I first determined to write such a piece, I approached David and asked what things I should not do (not being a brass player myself). He replied that I should not write too many high Cs. I respected this request and wrote a few high B#s and even a high C#, which he played wonderfully!

    David (and his wife, the very fine pianist, Janet Scott) played the piece first on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast in 1978, and later honoured me with several other live performances. It is written in my own dissonant, freely tonal style and is available through the Canadian Music Centre, or by sending me an email (below). Be warned, it is a demanding piece, but as is true of many such works, it rewards the labour handsomely.