Mister Lear
for SATB and Brass Quartet (1975)
by Ron Hannah

Words: Edward Lear
Duration: about 6 minutes
Performance of Ron Hannah's
Mister Lear
by Pat Robinson, Calgary Herald

.... Ron Hannah's composition for Brass Quartet and Voice was truly a stroke of genius. The players themselves .... were all talented, not only as brass players but singers.

Their tongue-in-cheek barber shop quartet performance of Mr. Lear was positively hilarious.

-- February, 1981

    Here is a delightful autobiographical/nonsensical poem by Edward Lear, set for choir and brass. It originated as a novelty piece for a brass quartet (2 trumpets, horn and bass trombone) whose members also


happened to be singers - the two trumpets respectively a soprano and an alto; the horn player a (female) tenor, and the trombonist a bass. The unlikelihood of such a combination happening intrigued me, and it was premiered by only four players(!) and has been performed several times since by other groups as well.

    It is tonal and influenced by jazz harmonies. The brass players have to be deft and spirited, especially in the fugue that ends the piece, and a very good amateur choir will enjoy it also. The score can be downloaded by clicking above and parts are available by email request (below), or through the Canadian Music Centre.