Le Chat
for SATB a cappella (1997)
by Ron Hannah


Words: Charles Beaudelaire Les Fleurs du Mal XXXIII
Duration: about 3 minutes

    This piece has finally been performed by the Camosun Choristers whose conductor, Wade

Noble has become a friend. I composed it years ago with a different choir in mind, but I think the sensual cynicism of the text (in French) was too much for them. It is highly meaningful and personal to me though, having been written at a time when I sensed my marriage was ending, and not knowing quite what to do about it.

    It is written in a freely tonal style with some dissonance which a good amateur choir will be able to handle and enjoy.

The score of the Camosun Choristers' award-winning performance is available (free of charge) by sending me an email (below), and the text and sound file may be read and heard by clicking on the Text/MP3 button.