Le Chat
for SATB a cappella (1997)
by Ron Hannah


Words: Charles Beaudelaire Les Fleurs du Mal XXXIII
Duration: about 3 minutes

    This piece was premièred by the Camosun Choristers of Victoria, Canada, whose conductor, Wade

Noble has become a friend. I composed it during a difficult time, and the sensual cynicism of the text (in French) was very meaningful and personal to me as I sensed my marriage was ending. I did not know quite what to do about it, so of course I wrote music! It's what I do.

    It is in my freely tonal style with some dissonance which a good amateur choir will be able to handle and enjoy.

    The text and sound file of the Camosun Choristers' performance is available by clicking the Text/MP3 button, and the full score (not just page 1) by sending me an email (below). My only stipulation, if you decide to perform this piece, is that you tell me details so that I can keep my performances page up-to-date.