A Sea Liturgy
(Incidental Music for the play by Gloria Sawai) (1985)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 20 minutes

    One of the more pleasant projects I have ever worked
A very un-Irish lethargy pervades
A Sea Liturgy

Review by Liz Nichols, Edmonton Journal

.... You'll find yourself thankful for Ron Hannah's delicate original music .... and wishing he'd been more generous with it. What atmosphere there is, the music provides.

-- April 12, 1986

on, this was a chance to write expressive music for a powerful play. The music includes a prologue featuring a choral entry (the Da Camera Singers dressed as Irish villagers), a village dance, and a
Lord's Prayer, all in minimalist style. The ensemble consisted of the singers, harp, viola, recorder and synthesizer, and the play was performed 5 times inside 1st Baptist Church, Edmonton, which had been entirely rebuilt so that the pulpit resembled a gray rock rising from the sea. Gloria's eloquent script was dulled by the poor acoustics of the building, and sadly much was lost. The generally negative review in the Edmonton Journal singled out the music as the best part -- which I loved. The original full score only exists in manuscript, but the Lord's Prayer section has been published in 2 versions (SATB/organ and SATB/organ/piano) by Conners Publications. For an interesting read try clicking on the "Lord's Prayer" link above to learn about its convoluted evolution...