The Lonely Princess
- as part of a piano suite (1980)
- arranged for Flute and Guitar (1981)
- arranged for Recorder Quartet and Harpsichord (2015)
- appearance in the opera, "The Illuminator" (2015)
- arranged for Flute Quartet (2019)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 4 minutes

    This is a simple, innocent piece, in various arrangements and suitable for good amateur players. It began life as a theme from my ballet, Aladdin, which you can read about here. Written in 1979 for the Edmonton School of Ballet, this music was for a scene in which the Princess awaits Aladdin's appearance in the garden. I liked this little tune so much so that over the years I have re-visited it again and again...

... in Suite for Elan (piano solo):
     I inserted it into my Suite for Elan, a piano suite begun upon the birth of my first daughter. You can hear the entire suite (it's not so difficult - even I can play it!) and download sample pages at the link.

* * *
... in Flute/Guitar arrangement:
     A year later I arranged it again for flute and guitar, in which form it was premiered at an Edmonton Composers' Concert Society (now New Music Edmonton) outdoor garden party by Bill Damur, flute and Jacek Kado, guitar. Bill described it as "under-written", by which he meant (he told me) simple, economically written, and effective. In a development that I never would have predicted in the youthful days when this melody first appeared, this arrangement was played as the processional to my wedding in June, 2013, to Andrea Mellis, performed and later recorded by Bernard Blary, flute and Alec Pearson, guitar. It is that recording which you can hear in the audio strip below, and at the 3'10" and 3'25" marks you can even hear a remnant of the original orchestration as distant trumpets call the princess back to the palace.

The Lonely Princess
Flute and Guitar arrangement

     I am honoured to report that Claire Venne, an artist in Montreal, Canada, has chosen my flute/guitar piece as a backdrop to her video entitled "Gaia". In it, mysterious, benign and very colourful figures contemplate Planet Earth - the pale blue dot. Click this link to see how the pictures and the music work together! I love it!

* * *
... in Recorder Quartet/Harpsichord arrangement:
     More recenetly it has appeared in yet another guise: as a quintet for recorders and harpsichord in response to a call for scores from Colchester New Music, in England. I sometimes send items into contests and calls of this sort, usually not having my work accepted, or worse, getting no response at all. Well, finally here is an exception: not only was it premiered in Colchester in June of 2016, but an original composition, entitled 5-Part re-Invention, that I wrote just for this call was also accepted! Click here to listen to both recordings. I was thrilled, and Andrea and I were able to make the trip to hear the concert!

* * *
... appearance in The Illuminator, an opera:
     Echoes of "The Lonely Princess" may even be heard in scene 9 of the opera that Andrea and I wrote, on the story of St. Gregory of Armenia. Click on the link to download the libretto, read a synopsis of scenes, and view a video of the première performance in Yerevan.

* * *
... in Flute Quartet arrangement:
     In response to a contest run by the Flute New Music Consortium, I rearranged this piece once again for a quartet consisting of piccolo and 3 flutes (C, alto and bass). I jazzed up the harmonies a little this time. I'll find out soon enough if I won.

     The printed music is available both through the Canadian Music Centre or by sending me an email.

     Please, please let me know the details if you decide to perform any of my music, so I can keep my Performances page up-to-date. Few ever do, and I know that my scores and sound files are getting an ever wider audience, but I keep asking!