The Lord's Prayer
for SATB, Organ and Piano (1989)
by Ron Hannah


Words: Biblical
Duration: about 4 minutes

     This is a lovely setting of this famous text, with a gently rocking, slightly minimalist accompaniment. An amateur choir will have fun with its lengthy unison sections, breaking occasionally into 2 lines, one stationary the other moving. Full 4-part harmony is reserved for the end, on the words "Thine is the kingdom".

     It was premiered by the Celebration Ensemble at a concert sponsored by the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society (now called New Music Edmonton) in 1989, and has been performed several times since, of which performances details of only two can be viewed by clicking this link (see the last paragraph to find out why).

     This work really started life as a love song called "A Decade", part of the collection called Songs of Myself. It was only later, when I came to write incidental music for the Vineyard Theatre's production of A Sea Liturgy in 1986, that I reworked it, altering the words to those of the Lord's Prayer. For the theatre performances I had the luxury of a small ensemble that included flute, viola, harp and synthesizer, and I found that setting so successful that I redid it, but for the more realistic forces you see listed here. You see how composers cannibalize themselves.

    And as a confusing aside, the song, "A Decade", appears yet again as #2 in my set of 3 Inevitable Songs, for soprano, harp, flute and viola. This version was premiered by Andrea Mellis, and her performance may be heard at her website (scroll to the bottom of the page). I really like this piece!

    You can obtain the score from from the Canadian Music Centre, or by sending me an email (below), and if you do perform it, do please let me know where, when and by whom, so that I can keep my Performances page up-to-date - not that anyone ever does (grrr).