Meditation for Violoncello and Piano, by Ron Hannah
For Cello and Piano (1976)
by Ron Hannah


Duration: about 4 minutes

    A simple, expressive piece in my own freely-tonal style, this meditation (like my 3 African Songs) is an outgrowth of my Master's thesis composition in 1974/5, a choral/orchestral work called The Shrine of Kotje. The third section of that piece is the basis for this Meditation. It was built upon a poem called "Diptych" by the Senegalese poet, Birago Diop. The poem describes the African savannah, blazing hot and silent during the day, black and silent at night, and always mysterious, with hints of sounds in the stillness. Its melody, in turn, is derived from an Ivory Coast folktune, and I thought it was so expressive that it cried out not only for its choral setting, but also to be played on a cello.

    This is a work of special lyricism, employing rich romantic chords and with a section in the middle in quartal harmonies.

     It is published by Conners Publications and both the music and a CD recording are available through the Canadian Music Centre. The CD is entitled Brief Confessions Brèves, and was issued by the Edmonton Composers' Concert Society (now called New Music Edmonton), the performers being Eve Egoyan, piano and Margaret Gay, cello. BTW, that performance is embedded into this page, so if your sound is turned on, you should be hearing it.

I have only one request for the use of this piece: if you perform it I beg you to inform me so that I can keep my Performances page up-to-date.