Primavera II
for Two Violins (2015)
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 4.5 minutes

    I regularly check The Composer's Site for news of calls for scores, competitions, and the like. Sometimes I find myself intrigued by a new combination of instruments or voices and decide to enter one of them and write a piece for it, or perhaps I realize I already have something suitable in my catalogue and I duly submit that. I rarely win anything, of course, international calls of this sort typically receive hundreds of entries, and I have grown weary of paying entry fees only to be ignored. Still, once in a while I break down.


Such was the case when a German duo calling itself Twiolins put out a call for scores. I wrote this brilliant little piece (suggestive in places of a modern Vivaldi, hence the title, though I had not started out with him in mind) and sent it in. I didn't win as it turns out, and frankly that is their loss. It was finally premiered by others at my 70th birthday concert in Vienna, in December, 2015, and at the time of this writing -April 2024 - has also been performed at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee!

     The German duo stipulated that the work was to be written just for the competition and never have been performed. Then they didn't accept it, so now I make it available to one and all. Violin duos: Looking for a sparkling encore or programmable piece? Here it is!! I ask only that you inform me of any performances so that I can keep my website up-to-date. Failure to inform me will result in a high price indeed: I will hold you in low esteem!

     Vivaldi maybe, but the overall work is in a modern style, dissonant without being atonal, filled with striking rhythmic shifts and melodies that unfold in unlikely places and weave their way back into the texture. Try it, it's a fun piece! but let me know, ok? It's not easy, and it will require a solid technique, but it will more than reward the effort. BTW, you can hear a computer-generated version of Primavera II, and download the opening pages of the score, by clicking on the buttons above. It is available by sending me an email (below) and through the Canadian Music Centre.