Songs from the Sanskrit
for SATB a cappella (1976 rev. 2010)
by Ron Hannah

Words: Sanskrit poety (translated into English
          by John Brough (1917-84))

Duration: about 8 minutes

    This set of seven songs sung without a break resulted from my having been given a book of Sanskrit poetry, in translation, and finding

therein a wealth of sensual and beautiful images. My favourite is the picture of a half-asleep young girl trying to rearrange the moonbeams that fall across her bed.

    The music reflects my increasing interest in polytonal writing. Each of the 4 voices sings strictly on the notes of a single scale, (sopranos on E+, altos on Ab+, tenors on C+, basses on G- (harmonic)), easy lines by themselves, but they combine in unexpected and dissonant ways.

    A professional, or very good amateur choir is required to do this work justice. It has not yet been performed.

    If you wish to view the opening 6 pages of the score (the first 2 songs), please click on the button above. For the full score, send me an email (below), and please inform me of any performances so that I can keep this website up-to-date. Few people ever do, but I keep asking :)