Sonata for Violoncello and Piano
(1973, rev. 2011)
by Ron Hannah

Duration: about 24 minutes

    This was my final project for Violet Archer when I was an undergraduate at the University of Alberta. Don't turn up your nose - student works can be quite good, and this one stands up well I think, having returned to it these many years later. It certainly is challenging, more so for the cello than for the piano, I think, since I wrote the piano part for myself to play (that being a requirement of the Music Department), and my pianistic skills are less than virtuosic. My second practical study at the university had also been cello, so the writing is quite idiomatic for that instrument.

    In style it is quite dissonant and heavily 12-tone influenced, though the last movement is a jaunty tarantella, and much more accessible. In fact, I have even re-worked this dance movement into the conclusion of my Flute Concerto, quite successfully I think. The second movement was written with the slow movement of Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" in mind, while the first possesses a strength that truly impresses at its huge climactic moment.

    MP3s of the performance given by Peter Rudolfi and myself at my graduating recital may be obtained by sending me an email, see below. The playing on the those files is spirited, and though the recording itself is not very good the essence comes through. The 1st two pages of each movement are available by clicking in the box below, and the full score and cello part are available through me, or through the Canadian Music Centre.

There have been a few other performances too, over the years. Click here to see them. I ask one thing: that you inform me of any performances by email so I can keep this site up-to-date - never mind that practically no-one does! :)